“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Aristotle

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Our flaws

When I’m in danger of getting too caught up in the whole ‘INTJ master race’ circlejerk, all I have to do is remember that undeveloped or ill-developed INTJs are possibly the most annoying human beings on earth.

When INTJs use their capacity for sorting and categorizing information quickly and efficiently to block out information that does not fit in with their entrenched worldview, the result is cringe-inducing - a fellow who is no longer seeing clearly and therefore making terrible conclusions, yet has the immense confidence in his own correctness that only the INTJ can have. 

Something else that may be just as bad, but perhaps not as under our control as the above one: having a misguided Fi. When the blueprint of the building is ugly, you cannot blame the building for turning out ugly. Although this is pretty hard to do, we should always be trying to ensure that we are reinforcing our Fi with values that will aid in success in the real world. 

(All this being said, I’d take a well-developed INTJ over every other type except the ENTJ, ceteris paribus. That doesn’t change the fact that one’s MBTI type does not automatically entitle you to a claim of absolute superiority.)



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